Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frontier Justice In The Crossroads......

......or was it? All I have to say on this, is that it's a damn good thing the beating to death of the man in Shiner or Moulton or Hilljie or wherever the hell it was, didn't involve a white man beating a black man to death. Heaven forbid. Otherwise Trayvone Martin supporters and George Zimmerman and his backers, would be kissing their book deals and fifteen minutes of fame goodbye. The American public is quick to grab a liplock on the tit of the sensational story du jour.......aren't we? Miley who? Lindsay who? Bernie who? Adolph who? Lee Harvey who? Henry who?? Ford? Wolff? see, I tossed in a couple of good guys, for those paying attention, just to fuck with you.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

...And to make us smile.

I'll just repeat here what I posted on Mike's blog a little while ago concerning the Crapocate's new policy of forcing people to use their real names. Oh, and of the requirment (?) of a Facebook account which this chick never will do:

Yeah, I'm done for sure. This is the last straw of disrespect from the VicAd and I will not take it.

I stand behind everything I say online, and my posting wouldn't change one iota if I used my real name. I am woman enough to own up to my word, thoughts, and deeds. But my last name is so unique as to be an absolute identifier for myself and my family (I never married; thus, my family has same last name so that they can be likewise identified). Our name is definitely not common in these parts and we are really the only ones around here that has it. I do worry about ramifications to my family if somebody should disagree with what I say online. I would never want to bring danger to my family members. There are absolute loons out there now that can get hold of too much information too easily by just using a name, and it would not be beyond the realm of possibility that my family would be made a target. All it takes is one unhinged individual; it has happened to us before. I will do nothing to put my family in harm's way. We have worked very hard to enjoy a life free of drama and trouble; we have our little 2-acre paradise and no conflict, and that's the way I want our life to stay. Peaceful and safe. That's all I care about in the end.

So you see, it's about something more important to me than "Oh, she wouldn't say what she says if she has to use her real name". There is at the heart of the matter much more basic things that Cobler doesn't seem to understand, or he would not require posters reveal their true identity. Even if it is just to the VicAd, and not the public at large, it isn't worth the risk to me. No, I'm done with the Crapocate. They can kiss my pasty white ass. They can require what they feel they need; and I have every right to do what I must. And I must now part ways. Not that sad about it, though. In fact, no love lost.

And that's just the way it is.