Monday, March 8, 2010

What's Next - Transgendered History Month?

Caught an editorial in today's Victoria Advocate, that got my attention for a couple of reasons. It was regarding Womens' History Month", and by the time I saw it, it had one typically inappropriate comment on it by a local freak, P.M. Tasin. I fired one over his bow, and in turn, it was along with his comment, summarily removed. Mission accomplished! Anyway, I started this as another comment to the article, and after reading it, decided it was a stand alone rant, so here it is:

Well now, we just had black history month. Then here comes womens' history month. I have looked briefly at my calendar, and have yet to find mens' history month...I suppose in a year or two, they'll have a transgendered history month as well. Has anyone else considered that these events are about as useful as some of the B.S. throwdown holidays that the banks and government closes their offices for? The majority of these little fiestas are just self serving events with a heavy slant toward commercialism. For my money there is a subject taught in schools today that should cover just about all of those who want to think that their race, gender, or religion is special enough to have a holiday. It's called "history". It pretty much is all encompassing. I think a country's Independence Day, and some other notable accomplishments or tragic events as a society, would qualify as a holiday - like Cinco de Mayo, Quatro de Julio, and especially Texas Independence day. Remember how in the interest of not being excessive, they just lumped Washington's birthday and Lincoln's B-Day into one day? Well maybe they could do the same with all of the women's history month, black history month, gay history month, etc., and just narrow it all down to "Human Day", and keep the banks and Post Office open a little more. I'd babble on about this here, but now I need to run out before all of the womens' history month cards get snapped up at HEB and CVS.