Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mistuh J Would Say

Just an FYI. IMHO, this newspaper is a joke, and your comment about being a free agent soon, may come sooner than you think if you and your cronies don't get serious about putting some quality and some THOUGHT back into what graces your pages and if your online circus continues in the direction is is headed. I was once proud to have been chosen as one of the original bloggers to grace the pages here, and hoping against hope that the nightmare of the Myface fustercluck you have created, would eventually raise some flags and scare the owners into reigning you in. Having been removed a second time, is proof enough to me that you are spineless and clueless as far as what sells as news and how to gather and report it without duping your readers into doing the legwork for you. I'd ordinar1ly close with "good luck", but I honestly hope your run of luck runs out soon, and that the Advocate is restored to it's past status as a respected regional publication, rather than continue to be ridden into the ground by a bunch of wannabe internet geeks who come cheaper than actual newspapermen (and women). To have been ousted by your henchmen for a second time feels a lot better than it did the first time. Almost a validation of sorts. Enjoy your little literary circle jerk with your boy who can do no wrong. A token you wanted, a token you got. He'll be the cause of your ultimately being dumped too.