Sunday, June 17, 2012

Victoria Advocate Online - Shuffling the Deck Again........

......I write, therefore I am. Read. Right? Maybe? Interesting seeing the reaction from the point of an outsider, of the intelligencia that remains posting on the Vicad, most anonymous, and all of which including staff, can be counted on two hands - if that.........seem to be up in arms. Similarly, Mr. Williams, and a bunch more of the usual suspects, are deathly silent. The Vicad forums really had no forward place to go other than this Coblerseque step. Might work, might not. Depends on who you ask. Bottom line is this. The Advocate online forums had become something akin to rap music - like it or not, a nasty, and in a large part, illiterate, and undoubtedly backwoods social network out of control. It will be interesting to see if they back down, or go through with the MyFace morphing. I will be willing to venture a guess who will stay on board when the smoke clears, and who will tuck tail and scurry for the baseboards.........and which bloggers who have their own world over her, will flourish in another arena.
Banned for life......

BTW, & FWIW I have a facialbook account, and I am active in posting there. Much as I have since starting this online tit for tat, I won't post anything I am not afraid to take credit for and associate with a reasonably current photo. If some freak wants to take exception with that, they will become acquainted with some of my more private personal habits.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frontier Justice In The Crossroads......

......or was it? All I have to say on this, is that it's a damn good thing the beating to death of the man in Shiner or Moulton or Hilljie or wherever the hell it was, didn't involve a white man beating a black man to death. Heaven forbid. Otherwise Trayvone Martin supporters and George Zimmerman and his backers, would be kissing their book deals and fifteen minutes of fame goodbye. The American public is quick to grab a liplock on the tit of the sensational story du jour.......aren't we? Miley who? Lindsay who? Bernie who? Adolph who? Lee Harvey who? Henry who?? Ford? Wolff? see, I tossed in a couple of good guys, for those paying attention, just to fuck with you.