Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drugs: The Cow Versus the Cheetah..........

........not to be confused with the tortoise and the hare. Okay, I am referring to a story in today's paper:
about a pot bust by DPS folks.

There will undoubtedly be some distraught and unhappy Iowans & Minnesotans as a result of this.....

I can't help but think that this senseless prohibition of an herb that is simply grown and smoked and consumed in it's natural state, is a terrible waste of manpower and resources that could be much more effectively utilized in combating serious narcotics and human trafficking. The deal with weed, is that it's so space consuming and easy to find, and considering the fact that probably two in ten vehicles that cross the border and travel north are carrying some, makes it a bird's nest on the ground for DPS and County Mounties looking to make a name for themselves. Reminds me of a piece I read not long ago about why people eat beef. It has nothing to do with us being "evolved" or particularly smart(not that I don't enjoy a good steak on occasion). What it's really about with the cows, is that those big fuckers are so easy to catch. We figured that part out long ago. It's simple. People are inherently lazy. Hell, did you ever stop to think that maybe chicken fried cheetah fillets just might taste like chocolate covered heroin? We'll never know though, because those little bastards are so fast.
Well, same with cocaine, heroin, meth, and the money they generate for the cartels. The weed is like catching Angus on the hoof, where the concentrated narcotics are a lot easier to hide and sneak by the revenooers. Take the herb out of the equation, and devote the resources to the dangerous stuff, and you'll make a bigger dent in the bad guys' business.