Sunday, December 25, 2011

A New Year, A New Leaf........

......and you may or may not notice, that I've retired my obssession with the Victoria Advocate, and removed related posts. Fact is, as pitiful as it is, I have come to realize that I am no longer a part of it, and better yet, it is no longer a part of me. The friends and contacts I made there, I still communicate with here and by e-mail and on Facebook. The cretins, misfit antagonists and misguided jesus freaks stinking up my once hometown paper, are a thing of the past. When my dad died, still struggling to fetch his paper from the bar ditch the carrier seemed to delight in depositing it into as opposed to his drivewy or sidewalk, that ended a tradition we have as a family participated in since 1959. For me, it ended in 2007,(I suspect a number of others share that dubious milestone).
Whatever the case, short of the second sitting for the last supper, actually occurring in Chris Cobler's office, or bigj's Sam Houston State dropout's alumni dance, I am pretty much going to concentrate on what I do best - telling stories - a few true, others, up for debate.