Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kinky for ...........

.......well, hell, for something, please? Honestly, the man just wants to make a difference in our lives, and we should elect him for something, and give him his shot. Just returned from a Kinky Friedman concert at a little club here in the city tonight. A little chilly night to be sure, with a few pretty flurries, but unfortunately for my boys, nothing to make tomorrow a "snow day"........
I go back a lot of years with the Kinkster. Back to the time when he paid his filing fee to run for President against Jimmy Carter, and when Carter was campaigning to lower the speed limit to 55, Kinky one upped him by proposing a $54.95 speed limit. Yes, the man is just a tad irreverent, but his heart is in the right place, and he honestly wants to serve Texans in an elected office and to make a positive difference in our lives. That should count for something, shouldn't it? Tonight he showed his environmentalist side, when declaring that upon his death, rather than hog up more real estate, he'd like to be cremated, and have his ashes scattered in Rick Perry's hair. Now that brought a tear to my eye.
All kidding aside, Kinky was in town to entertain, not campaign, and for me, it took me back to the 'Dillo in Austin, in '75. He did his country crooner show, showcasing the talents of his lifelong buds, Lil' Jewford on piano and spoken word, and those of Ratzo, his capable guitarist and also old friend and "boy who travels with him". He took the time to read a chapter from his latest book as well, a touching tribute to his father, a WWII veteran, which all in attendance found quite moving and entertaining.

I so enjoyed his show, and was rewarded by a smile and pat on the shoulder from him coming and going to and from the stage, almost as if he recognized me from Austin so many years ago, as a member of his tribe. I have always told those who would listen, that he is a good man, and that he would be a step in the right direction, if elected to any office he aspired to. I hope this is his year.

Just for an example of Kinky's honesty and his earnest desire to represent us in our state government, allow me to share this......As far left as I lean, and as dad liberal/conservative as I am inclined to be, I was accompanied tonight by my sweet young companion of a couple of years now. She is, if categorized, about as conservative a person as you'll ever come across, and after having been dragged to the show by me, and subjected to a couple hours of the Kinkster's charm and bared soul, she declared that regardless of her political affiliations or her right leaning views, that Kinky will get her vote next week, as Agriculture Commissioner. Trust me, that is quite an endorsement coming from her, as she is not easily swayed, or inclined to be frivolous in her decision making. I hope you will see your way clear to vote for him as well.