Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep -- Shades of Salman Rushdie

All I have to say is that from where I sit, it is a pretty pathetic scenario that we humans must encounter, watching seemingly or self proclaimed, "normal" people of various organized, self-sanctioned religions, killing one another(and some of the rest of us), in the name of their "god". No shit. These zealots, calling themselves "christians", muslims", "jews", to name just a few, are willing to kill each other(and the rest of us), to defend their own chosen book of fairy tales regarding man's creation, as though their "good book" is more accurate than the next fucked up group of bozos' book written by......oh, a man.
When all of these fanatics and zealots have killed each and every one another off, then, and only then, will this beautiful planet be populated by stewards of the Earth, and able to flourish........until the next bunch of greedy, self centered, self serving bastards invent a "god" (man) who has "talked to "God"(the main one), and the last round of religious wars is far enough in the past for men to become sheep and followers of a charismatic man once again, and the cycle of stupidity perpetuates itself.
Now I lay me down to sleep.........