Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Little Revolution of Sorts

Well, the last couple of days have certainly been interesting for myself and a few other current and former Vicad bloggers. I think in a cranky moment, I probably forced the hand of the questionable "editors" at the "paper"........I basically begged them to pull the plug on me, and they did. That's not all bad, though the behavior I exhibited online with them was like less than acceptable, by anybody's standards. I kinda took the Popeye "that's all I can stands, cause I can't stands no more" tack I guess. I had a long run with them, and for the first couple of years, the format was enjoyable, and the stable of accepted bloggers, was a respectable bunch, with a couple of esteemed writers, a slew of rookies, and a good cross section of readers and commenters, some of whom in time, took the initiative to start their own blogs, and in a few cases, do a damn good job as well. It's too bad the management and editorial staff of the Advocate couldn't hold up their end of the deal, but rather, brought in a really clueless editor, followed by a few of his pals, who in my estimation, turned out to be a bunch of carpetbaggers, with little if any, grasp of the local culture, history, or what their long time subscribers and readers wanted in a newspaper. Basically, they brought in a geek team, with a Myspace/Facebook, freaking Twitter mentality, and supplanted over the course of nearly three years, everything and everybody that had made the Advocate what it was. I suppose we will see in the long run, or sooner, if my estimation of the mess there is accurate. I will say, that as it had finally devolved to, I and apparently some others will say good riddance, to the pitiful new bunch that is sinking the ship, and good luck to the remaining old guard who are in such a cover their own ass panic mode, that they sit idly by and watch the fiasco unfold and cower to the carpetbaggers, because they hold the hatchet. For anyone who questions my assessment of these preppie wannabe newspapermen, I urge you so sit in on some of their sophomoric commentary and clueless to the fact that are being broadcast live silliness, to go here at ten oclock, any weekday morning:
Feel free to monitor these dweebfests and report back to me, and particularly to them. Get involved. It is an interactive netmeeting. I'll be lurking to see......
My task now, is to try to shed this grouchy attitude that came about as a result of this de-evolution of a paper that I was raised reading, and finally allowed to write in on occasion, and try to rediscover the pleasure and gratification I derived from telling an occasional story, or sharing an opinion, and reading the comments and reactions of those who read them.............
The part I will not miss, is some of the johnny come lately jerks that showed up after Mistuh Cobler turned the forums into a free for all wankfest, and instituted a set of rules, then totally disregarded those rules and rode roughshod over the flock, indiscriminately nuking and banning any and all who challenged his horseshit dictator editorial style, and worse yet, took a couple, three of the old guard folks and instilled the fear of God in them, regarding their employment/retirement possibilities, and dragged them down to his level.
I'll be fine......and I will continue to blog here, and hopefully, will give this burr in my ass a dose of merthiolate and forget it all. I will be watching and waiting though, for the day when those Kansas/Colorado boys' "let's hitch our star to the hispanic angle" bunch act finally wears thin and circulation falls to the point that the owners give them the boot. I only hope it happens before they decide that it's a better plan to just throw in the towel and close the doors and turn out the lights.