Monday, March 8, 2010

What's Next - Transgendered History Month?

Caught an editorial in today's Victoria Advocate, that got my attention for a couple of reasons. It was regarding Womens' History Month", and by the time I saw it, it had one typically inappropriate comment on it by a local freak, P.M. Tasin. I fired one over his bow, and in turn, it was along with his comment, summarily removed. Mission accomplished! Anyway, I started this as another comment to the article, and after reading it, decided it was a stand alone rant, so here it is:

Well now, we just had black history month. Then here comes womens' history month. I have looked briefly at my calendar, and have yet to find mens' history month...I suppose in a year or two, they'll have a transgendered history month as well. Has anyone else considered that these events are about as useful as some of the B.S. throwdown holidays that the banks and government closes their offices for? The majority of these little fiestas are just self serving events with a heavy slant toward commercialism. For my money there is a subject taught in schools today that should cover just about all of those who want to think that their race, gender, or religion is special enough to have a holiday. It's called "history". It pretty much is all encompassing. I think a country's Independence Day, and some other notable accomplishments or tragic events as a society, would qualify as a holiday - like Cinco de Mayo, Quatro de Julio, and especially Texas Independence day. Remember how in the interest of not being excessive, they just lumped Washington's birthday and Lincoln's B-Day into one day? Well maybe they could do the same with all of the women's history month, black history month, gay history month, etc., and just narrow it all down to "Human Day", and keep the banks and Post Office open a little more. I'd babble on about this here, but now I need to run out before all of the womens' history month cards get snapped up at HEB and CVS.


Truth Ferret said...

Pilot, I respect you and your views, so I will keep this civil.

First of all men haven't suffered the inequilities here and in other countries that women have. Men have be allowed to vote longer than women. If men didn't want to "foster" a pregnancy, they walked/ran away; which was impossible for women. If men did certain work, they were paid more than women. If men wanted to buy a house, get a job, etc. they had a much easier time of it than a woman. I am not speaking from something I read in any book--I lived the above examples.

So, Pilot, I want you to understand that the women who fought for my equality in work, health care issues, finacial situations and even combat assignments are heros in my book.

Rosie the Rivators (sp?) held this country together and then stepped aside when told that men needed their jobs. Divorced women were thought to be less than average, while divorced men were considered "catches".

I once asked my boss, "If I can learn to pee standing up, will you pay me as much as the man I replaced?" He laughed and said that was silly, 'cause he was a man and I wan't, so equal pay wasn't part of the deal.

Hope that makes my point clear.

Sugar Magnolia said...

What a coincidence. Just this morning, I posted a blog about International Women's Day.

Two very different blogs, two differing views.

While I do agree some of the "holidays" and "observing" months get out of hand, I remind you that Women's History Month has been designated as such since 1987, and was actually expanded from Women's History Week, instituted in 1978. March 8 is observed as International Women's Day, and has been since 1909.

A lot of history there, and women continue to make more every day.

My friend, I am surprised by your sentiment here.

Pilot said...

I am sorry if I offended either of you, or anyone else for that matter. Maybe it was the dig about "mens'" month. That was almost inserted as "white folks'" month, to be sure. I am fully aware and sympathetic to the inequities that women and minorities and those considered lesser, by the ruling majority of primarily men over the years, have suffered. I think if you ask any woman and any minority(except BigJ) who has been acquainted with me, you will get a report card that is one of an unprejudiced and unbiased gentleman. One or two of them blog here or on the Vicad site, feel free to query them.

My complaint is that more people are interested in rubbing the nose of otherwise contrite and humbled members of society in their ancestors shit, and making a holiday or celebration out of aforementioned nose rubbing, than they are about moving on and savoring the world as it has evolved for them. Nine times out of ten I'd guess, those holidays and celebrations have become a circle jerk of card and gift giving and a ritual perpetuating the grudge and filling the pockets of shopkeepers selling diamonds, watermelons, and roses, shopkeepers unmoved by the "reason for the purchases", but rather their bottom line.
On the other hand, as I sit here unemployed and running out of savings, maybe I would be better served to take a different tack and hop on the gravy train by opening a booth when those numerous retribution celebrations is approaching.......

Sugar Magnolia said...

No offense taken, Pilot. It is because I know you that this blog surprised me. I do see where you're coming from on this, and I will be the first to say that you are indeed and unprejudiced and unbiased gentleman.

Perhaps I am just comparing apples to oranges. You have one slant, and I have another. There is no compulsion for you to celebrate Women's History Month. I choose to. You may not.

And that is okay.

Truth Ferret said...

Pilot, I accept your apology, as I was offended.

Women have had a tough road in many areas for many years and just when I think people are truly enlightened I get a surprising commentary like your blog. You see women die everyday by their violent partners...and the tie-in with the woman's day (month, whatever) to stopping domestic violence is near and dear to me. Too many people don't realize that when the economy goes south, violent acts increase. It doesn't take too much to tip the scale in most toxic relationships and lack of income sometimes enough. Good people work at Mid-Coast Family Services to help stop the generational tradition of hitting/abusive words. We want to honor women and teach guys to communicate fairly with words and not with fists.

Enough of my preaching.

Anonymous said...

I propose "Innocent Dead Iraqi Month" and "IRS Victim Month".

Happy Yesterday, Pilot!


Edith Ann said...

One of the things I know about myself is I see issues through the filters of my life. While I can appreciate everything Truth Ferret says, and I figured out a while back the Sugar is a fiercly independent woman, I am left sitting here wonder why I am not as offended as you guys.

I absolutley am not saying you all are over-reacting; in fact, I'm wondering why I may under-reacting. I just do not believe that men will ever see things from a female perspective, regardless of how in touch they may be with their feminine side. They just can't do it. And that much I figured out long ago.

I recognize that many women before me plowed new ground for women's rights, and I am glad for that, but I have no history that causes me to feel extra-passionate about their victories. Maybe it was how I was raised. Maybe I should feel bad about that.

Okay, rambling writing is finished...

Sugar Magnolia said...

Pilot, you have posted a thought-provoking blog, apparently. I have enjoyed reading others' takes on this. Edith Ann, there is no need for you to "feel bad". There are certain "flash points" for some people, and not so much for others. I am sure there are subjects that would get you really stirred up, and me, not so much. We each have our own "causes".

Pilot, one thing I will say about you. You still have the ability to surprise me. And I say that in a good way. I never know what you might blog about next, and that keeps everybody on their toes. Thank you for the discussion.

BSSpotter - I can concur on the "IRS Victim" month! Hear! Hear!

Edith Ann said...

Okay, I got to thinking about why I didn't feel more connected to this subject.

I am 55--missed 'The Pill' excitement. Still in high school then and somewhat clueless as to Women's Lib.

I was never told I couldn't do anything. I have usually always worked in places where salary was not based on gender. And if it was, I didn't know it. The closest I come to anything similar is going to Victoria College, taking the 'Law Enforcement' classes (they weren't called Criminal Justice at that time), and having to listen to Louise Hume ask me every semester,
"Honey, wouldn't you rather take some education classes?" And we all know that was not about 'why do you want to be a cop', but 'if you take education classes, we can assume you will continue at UH-V'.

I have never had a problem purchasing a car. I just told them to call my mom, she'd take care of the paperwork. My mother was the president of a financial institution for over 25 years, having replaced a man. When she accepted the job, she negotiated a higher salary than he had and benefits, including retirement.

I have not personally experienced the negative side of gender discrimination, or ever known anyone who truly did. For what it is worth, my sister has the psychology/teaching degree-gender neutral; my brother is an R.N.-typically female, but changing; I have the criminal justice degree-typically male, but changing. My father retired at 49 and stayed home; my mother was the one who worked. (okay, so now I see my family was different. hmmm...)

Honestly, as to women in other countries, while I am certainly sympathetic to their plight, they are like the starving children in China that I heard about as a child. I cannot scrape my plate off and send that food to them. But, as an adult, I CAN financially support those worthy causes that do promote better things for women, and I do. Right now, in this stage of my life, that is education for those who desire it. Learning is a great way to broaden one's mind, and learn tolerance.

(I honestly believe I have just added to my confusion rather than gaining any clarity.)

victorianbybirth said...

I too am underwhelmed at Womens month...I didn't even know it existed! I also have a womans "day" every month that doesn't cause me to celebrate....TMI! : )

Being female to me, I'm 40, has always been a good thing. Being female guaranteed me more $$, built in excuses & opprotunities. A cute face & cheery smile can get one much further than a penis any day! I learned short skirts & low cut tops will get me my car inspection sticker even if it doesn't pass muster, sad eyes will get me out of trouble, a little flirtation will get me a job & a raise (I am also a hardworking prefectionist, it just opens the door). Guys also like girls who listen & give them advice from the female perspective.

It does get harder as I get older though & I am struggling with that. Also now working with all females presents a challenge as I have to adapt how I manage my bosses & co-workers.

All in all though, I love being female & IMO, every day is female day! I also love & respect men & believe they get the short end of the stick, especially white men.

Bottom line for me, I wouldn't trade genetalia for all the money in China!