Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dem ol' Stems....and seeds.....

Ha! Gotcha with that title, huh? My pal Sugar Magnolia posted a funny little political cat-toon on her blog today.....Looks like both of our morning coffees sent us to the keyboard, only mine was prefaced by a stop by Jonco's "Bits and Pieces" site, and a quick glance at a real big boy newspaper, The Houston Chronicle. The common denominator you are screaming "get to the point" about, is stem cells. The article in my paper that caught my eye was one in which it was noted that Rick Perry had injections of stem cells, both in his ailing spine, and intravenously. His spokesperson acknowledged that the treatment was in fact successful in alleviating the Guvner's pain. I suspect that based on the results of the treatment, and the outcome of his death by debate Presidential bid, he'll probably be secretly going back to get two more injections - in his brain and tongue.....

To get Obammy ousted, this could have been a year in which I backslid and voted Republikan, had they trotted out even one horse that wasn't limping (Ron Paul will be on the ticket under the "none of the above" party).

My suggestion? For the short term, buy ammo. For the long term, learn Spanglish and Spanish. You'll likely need the ammo to bribe, barter or shoot your way through Mexico, on your way to your new home in Chile or Paraguay.
Thanks for the pic, Jonco.

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