Thursday, December 1, 2011

Excuse Me Deer.........Are You In The Mood?

Let me start by saying - I don't hunt......except for fish, which brings to mind the clever Santa/car salesman Chevy truck commercial running this cool yule season. You see, this article in the outdoors part of the sports section of the Chronicle caught my eye this morning. The header said "bucks are vulnerable now, during their mating season"....... Well duh, I thought. Then it occurred to me that everything considered, the deer hunters are pretty much in the same boat - except that their mating season has no opening and closing dates. Now mind you, this doesn't exactly when one takes into account deer feeders, blinds, scopes that can tell if a deer is a natural blonde, and oh, that 30-06 Winchester, level the playing field, but it is something to think about. Like I said, I am not a Linda McCartney, "don't eat anything with a face" fanatic, in fact, I kind of dig venison sausage kolaches,

....okay, nerd time - the extended version.......


Edith Ann said...

I saw this one and I thought it was very clever! Bit better than the Chevy Santa commercial where the couple is pulling on his beard.

Hunting fish--hilarious!

Pilot said...

Hey, I hunt fish......something about tricking the little suckers into biting a bottle cap, without having to look them in the eye and blast them......then clean them. Did I mention I love venison? When it comes time to clean the little suckers, I can have a flounder from sand to grill in about five minutes......ever field dress a deer? Or pay the butcher to process one? November flounder run gigged flatfish, are still a lot easier to put on the table. Right TPWD?

Edith Ann said...

I have field dressed a deer and I have paid Country Slaughter House plenty to make the best tasting deer sausage ever!

If I still have steady access to venison (that didn't cost an arm and a leg per pound), I'd give up beef forever.

However, I do not hunt fish because I think you need to eat what you kill and I don't like fish. Sorry.