Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sad State of Print News....

......and of those who are hastening it's demise. I found out a couple of weeks ago, after nearly two years of buying my morning paper from Mustafa and Walid, full retail I might ad, that the Chronicle is actually hurting enough for circulation numbers, that their carriers now will enter a beehive apartment complex such as mine and trudge up the stairs to put a paper on my mat. After all this time of doing without, I was shocked at the first one that I brought in in it's plastic sleeve. It was a Tuesday edition, and while it was the Chronicle, if was smaller than I remember the sports section alone being, just 6-8 years ago. I tell you that to tell you this: It is still a traditional newspaper in every sense of the word, and that is a hell of a lot more than I can say for the Advocate. I find the print edition to be a complete embarrassment, compared to what I saw, as recently as 2006. It is poorly laid out, and so biased and one track minded in it's tone, that I am shocked it is still in circulation. I think that they are surviving simply due to the fact that "old habits die hard". That is the print edition. Their online edition, and "blogs" and forum, have become a complete free for all, with a few intelligent hangers on, diluted by a bevy of religious freaks, redneck philosophers, and just total morons stinking up the place. I will read it until the powers that be hopefully sell it to someone with some editorial aptitude and the ability to make it into a newspaper again. By the same token, I will not be surprised at the announcement that they are just closing their doors. Like I said, old habits die hard. Just ask the recurring "spotlight blogger"/editor...........


Edith Ann said...

Well! It's about time!

Yeah, well, you know how I feel about most of the forum activity at the Advocate. It is no fun to serve as the target for the local ad person and the UHV employee who just wait to pounce on any Bring Your Boots or UHV comment I make.

Then you have the rerun topics. Last weekend we had same sex marriage. This weekend we have new same sex marriage. They are desperate for hits on the pages.

I just think it is terribly sad. We all grew up with this paper. We take for granted that it will remain what we expect, but it's changing, and not necessarily in a good way.

But you know--we keep pissing ans moaning about this, to no avail. I suggest we just accept it for what it is and take it or leave it. I just scan for content ans then bring it to my blog if I feel stongly enough about it. I am fortunate in that others who share my views know where to come for discussion.

Well, good to see you back. Don't make me wait another YEAR for the next installment!

Edith Ann said...

Have you seen the whack job Rusty Bucket's latest copy and paste effort?

HE and those who post on his 'blog' are huge contributors to the decline of the quality of the Advocate online.

Anonymous said...

I expect the Advocate to slip off to 4-5 days a week in a short time. All the while raising their ad rates beyond the circulation value. The closing of AdGraphics, the quality and age of it's reporters, and the absence of proof readers are certain clues as to it's destiny.

Now that the ownership's management has been passed to the next generation, I assume the wealth of such will keep the Advocate around in some form, for another ten or so years. Even if it resembles the Thrifty Nickel.


Edith Ann said...

I predict that as they cut back on days, or even before, the Advocate will become a total pay-for-view item.

In fact, I feel like it could be before the end of the year.

Just FYI--I'm opening a Pychic Hotline. Get your credit cards ready.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Dammmmmmm......Pilot! I never thought I would see another post on this blog! It's been 5 months, dude! Glad to have you back. And good to have the freedom on this forum to say what you want without being zapped, canned, put out to "sleep with the fishies..." etc.