Friday, February 19, 2010

Give The Masses What They Want........Dirty Laundry

Waking up a day after a major news story in Austin, and some serious dental surgery, I listened intently, as the local morning news gave way to Good Morning America this morning. While hoping for some new information on yesterday's one man war on the IRS, and his effort to start a civil war over taxes, I got a surprise. It seems that in their infinite wisdom and with their finger on the pulse of what "we" want as news, ABC's lead story was a feature on Tiger Woods impending confirmation of his status as a poontang hound, and details on how he plans to hold a press conference announcing his personal course correction in life, his return to rehab, and just how he might get back into professional sports (and our wallets).......if we let him, huh?


Edith Ann said...

Yeah, I don't get it. He's just another dude caught in less than flattering circumstances. All this speculation as to whether Elin will be standing by his side? Who cares?

Personally, one may have been easy to overlook, but multiple women--Elin, take a huge chunk of his money, and move on.

Once a dog, always a dog, fleas or not.

Truth Ferret said...

Even the Austin Statesman is all a flutter about Tiger and his statement. Personally, I wish he would just give away his millions to some worthwhile charity and then go away, permanetly.

Pilot said...

Having seen the Tiger Woods joke of a press conference, I can safely say that I have seen about the bottom of the barrel as far as my society has to offer as far as entertainment, be it sports, theater, music, political gods or otherwise. He is done for. He got caught with his pecker still wet, and it is my hope that this is where the money stops for him. Of course I wouldn't feel that way if he wasn't so plainly stupid as to think he was above us all, and that we would buy his story once he was nailed. Hero to zero in nothing flat in my book.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yeah, I concur with the thoughts about Tiger. Enough said.

I was out of town when the plane crash occurred, and had no idea. I got home, and dad said "another plane flew into a building". I said "Whaaaa?", and then he said, "yeah, Austin", and I thought (as I'm sure everybody did) here goes another 9-11. Then he told me it was an IRS building, and it may have had something to do with a grudge, and then, relieved, I thought "I didn't know Willie Nelson knew how to fly".

Seriously, that was my (second) thought after the terrorist thing left my head. "Oh, lord, Willie's dead, what now?". Thank goodness I was wrong about that too.

Honestly, what kind of deranged nincompoop flies into a building full of tax wonks who, outside of their employer, likely had nothing to do with the man's woes?

Reminds me of the faux news program on Beavis and Butthead, and, later, Daria: "Sick, Sad World".

Good to see you posting again, and wishes sent your way for healing rapidly.

Anonymous said...

I would take the money and run far, far away. Raise my babies to understand loving the sinner, but hating the sin. The STD issues alone would be the deal breaker forever. r

amybradley said...

Very brave of you, but I suppose it will happen anyway right. So, glad somebody here does this anyway.