Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lemon Tree Very Pretty - A Pup Tale

My gal pal came trudging in from work this afternoon, with a stack of pizzas and cheese garlic bread for us and the boys, and with a cute story that I couldn't help but share......
My pal the Grey-Beard Loon and his gal, are like I and probably some of you, in that animals just seem to find US.....knowwhutimean? They are parenting two such canine critters these days, after convincing my gal and I that we should come up and adopt one that appeared in between the two they currently have(it's all in how you look at it as far as who owns who with dogs, now isn't it?) Anyway, the one we drove down to fetch, was one furry friend too much for either of us, so she was destined to live with my gal pal's folks, who were just recently coping with an empty nest after the passing of their beloved pup of many years. The timing was good I think - for all.....particularly the pup, who was fending for herself on a sparsely inhabited four mile stretch of coastal road on the Intracoastal Canal, when rescued by Herself, in the course of fulfilling her duties as a U.S. Census taker. looking back now, I know we were likely under the wire by about an hour tops, as to when the Old Loon would have not given a thought to parting with her, but as it turned out, the little thing has blossomed in her new home. I am sure after scrounging for road kill and dodging $50k pickups hellbound for the launching ramp with $equally priced boat$ in tow, that landing in suburbia in the shadows of NASA in the loving company of a couple equally as sweet and kind as the lady and gent who rescued her, was just the beginning of a puppy dream come true. I mean obedience school, toys, chewies, you name it.....what more could a dog want???

Okay, I'll tell you. For all of the balls and toys I am sure she had at her disposal, imagine her delight yesterday, when she discovered her new dad's "ball tree" make that his prize little Myers Lemon tree, with this year's crop of maybe a half dozen.....max, prize lemons. Tennis ball sized and also in appearance, I can only close my eyed and imagine that little Carly wishing she had a thumb and opposing forefinger, to both pinch herself for her amazing discovery, and maybe to pick the, fruit from the tree.

Now this is where it will get a little dicey for the little dear. You see, dad is in Africa on business, and mom has now to both protect the remaining crop of "balls" - er, lemons on his prized tree, plus the added chore I'd assume of plea bargaining the little sweet pup's case down a notch or two when dad returns.........a dog's life. Like I asked earlier - who owns who? Who follows who around and cleans up their poop? Whose bowl is always full of food and water? Most of us could handle some of that I think..........


Anonymous said...

Oooooh no, no the lemons! Herself

Legion said...

lol, sometimes those beach dogs turn out the best.
While staying another summer in Port A., working for free for my brother, we found a sorry looking dog all alone on the beach.
The dog, female and already fixed btw, had matted black curly hair with sand, seaweed and who knows what else mixed in.
There she was on the beach, eating dried up hardheads and begging for handouts. Usually getting chased and having things thrown at her by the tourists, which is how we noticed her in the first place.
Anyway,after we chastised the tourist beach goers for being so mean, she went home with us, a bath and some good food. But she still looked raggedly.
The next week we came back to visit in Victoria with the dog.
One of my moms friends happened to be visiting and liked the poor dog, so she adopted her.
After a visit to the vet and groomer, it turns out the sorry looking dog was a pedigree poodle. who woulda thought when she was eating dried hardheads.

Truth Ferret said...

This was a great story and for those of us who adore animals, we "get it" about loving the four-legged sometimes more than mankind.

Our dogs have always stolen our hearts and anything else left witin reach. We laugh as we rescue the eyeglasses, paper money and anything that can be stolen from our dog. He doesn't care if it costs hundreds of dollars or an old receipt. If he can get it and bargain with us for a treat, it is fair game. He will "trade" for a piece of food out of his dish, it is just a big game and he always wins.

Sugar Magnolia said...

I am glad to hear the pup is doing well. If the first photo was an accurate foreshadowing of how she looks now, I suspect she looks a whole lot like our Sassy.

Lemons, shmemons. They can be replaced. The love of a pup (or kitty) cannot. I suspect when the master of the house returns, he will be so glad to see the pup, and the pup he, that lemons will be far down on the list of importance.