Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calendars Have Their Place......I Guess

sorry - I don't post many of these of late, and while I rag on my girl for her amazing organizational skills, in particular, her obsessive (by my bayrat - use the sunrise and sunset method) attention to her calendar, this came in an e-mail from an old Advocate reader and frequent contributor, David Yzaguirre, by way of my pal the Grey-Beard Loon.....After I quit laughing, I felt it my duty to share........


Sugar Magnolia said...

Aw, man.....that's just too sad and too funny. So now we know what REALLY happened.

My alternate at work (the other 7 night shift lab rat) gives me some kind of interesting day-by-day calendar every Christmas. The first year, it was a "Far Side", and I was guaranteed a laugh every day for a year. Whether it's a word-a-day or a puzzle-a-day calendar, she always seems to know my style. Love her for that!

Poor dinos. Just last night I was thumbing through a Reminisce mag and saw reference to "Alley Oop" and the Little Big Books. He was the king of the Jungle Jive, you know. Look at that cave man go! Like, hip, daddy-o.

Dinosawah.....there are things to realize.

Truth Ferret said...

Love, the cartoon. Clever and funny, too.

Hey, you need to thank RUKIDDINGME for that kick-ass job she did on finally delivering the fatal blow to Little j. Little J wrote on her wall and he didn't keep his true feelings in check and WHAMMO that ban button got pushed.

She says that pleasure was all hers.