Friday, January 15, 2010

You Can Dress HIm Up, But You Can't Take Him To Town....

While I think a couple, three of us who recognized BigJ's style, probably didn't do him any favors by ratting him out, ultimately, I am pretty sure it was the obvious grammar gaffes, "Say" instead of "says", a plethora of missing prepositions, and the coup de gras....."shut up!", that got him once again bounced from that Advocate Bar.
As well, his feeding frenzy approach to attacking a number of different posts, coupled with choosing the name "Exile", were probably instrumental in hastening his most recent demise on the Vicad forums in really short order. The shame of it all, is that I think the guy has something to say, and with the right approach and a little coaching and some friendly editing by someone who is qualified, he probably would be a player in the forums. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink....


Edith Ann said...

Many have tried, and many have failed. It's him, not us.

His loss.

Truth Ferret said...

I am surprised that it took him so long to try to come back on. First of all, who would ever pick such an obvious screen name. Come on, be creative and come up with something that takes everyone longer than a quick glance to figure out the true identity.

We all have made an occassional mis-type or lapse in subject-verb agreement, but with him it is his way of life/writing. Talk about a "voice"! His writing voice is one of a very angry, semi-educated, black guy. I don't think any of us can help him, unless we can prescribe medication and schedule anger-management sessions. His writing skills won't get better, until he can unclench his jaw, his mind and his rectum. This is one very uptight dude (actually, I never use that word, but I think it is the perfect fit for this situation.)

BIGJ said...
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BIGJ said...

Nice try, Mike Austin.

I received an email from an “ally” asking if the Exile person was me. Pilot, you and others on here got it wrong. BIGJ and Exile are not one and the same. I was busy and at work during the time, when supposedly this person was online.

The sad thing is that the person behind Exile was banned for something he/she has nothing to do with . The Funny thing is that there’s a level of paranoia and fear by Chris Cobler, Mr. C Garcia, and the gang.

I am flattered more than angered by the comments on here. Mike Austin, if you can look back and remember two months. I said that I will go under and over Chris Cobler and the Victoria Advocate in getting my point across in 2010. So why should I voice my opinion on there, when I already know the cowards, Cobler and his nazi button pusher, will delete me ?

Truth Ferret.

Don’t confuse being uptight with being guarded. Your comment about me being an angry, semi-educated black guy is the reason why. I happen to look up the VICAD site and read a comment from Hrider. Hrider’s comment is mighty similar to the point I was trying to get. He/she said “The problem with Victoria and alot of Texas is like what happened to the Dixie Chicks. You can be penalized for expressing you views. Free speech wasn't so free if you didn't go along with the mob.” ( )

Do you want to bet that Cobler and the gang might consider banning him since he/she has the similar view point with me? This is why I will not post my own picture nor have my full name online. Given in these economic hard times, I will not be a meal for the lions. This is also why certain people from a certain political, economic, and/or ethic viewpoint will not write or voice their opinions strongly. The teacher from Louise, Texas ( I think) is the prime example. There are people wanting to remove her from her job over the President’s back-to-school speech issue.

Edith Ann.

Hello, but my loss? How can I lose something when I wasn’t there?

BIGJ said...

Truth Ferret said...

My question is why does BJ even bother stooping down to our level here from his loft near Dallas? I would think that we would be beyond his zone of caring. Most of gotten boring in his little universe to have to swoop down here and vomit all over the paper and then finish off his purge on blogspot.

Could someone please hand me a Wet One? I've think there's a little that splashed on my shoes.

BIGJ said...

Truth Ferret.

Dallas? Dallas? The last time I've been to Dallas was 13 years ago.

Truth Ferret said...

I said, "near Dalla", BJ. Can't believe you've waited thirteen years to go to such a lovey city. So much to offer. I've even been there within the last decade. You might want to wander over there sometime. They even have indoor plumbing and public transportation.

You know we are in the twenty-first century where the where-abouts of almost anyone who's out there can be snatched out of cyberspace. Zapped quicker than a lightening bug's tail light and Bob's your uncle, I'm waving at ya, BJ. See me? I'm the one in the soccer shoes, trying not to dirty my nice mink coat with this ornery ole rope I'm about to fashion into a very useful shape. Feeling all nice and righteous, still? You can use your anger to keep you warm on those chilly nights up in North Texas; might help.

Truth Ferret said...

excuse me, please correct, "Dallas"

BIGJ said...

Truth Ferret.

If I were in Dallas, I wouldn't give two shits about Victoria and its surrounding areas. Maybe you need get your facts about me.

Since I live in this area, I will continue lending my voice strongly and sometimes harshly.

Truth Ferret said...

BJ, you might not be living in Dallas, but "you're staying pretty darn close to Dallas." Maybe those are the words you understand. Living somewhere is different that just staying some place.

You say one thing, but the proof has never been in your words.

You and I both know that you don't live in Victoria, but nice try. Some lesser fools might be impressed by you and your fantasy, but we know you all too well.

BIGJ said...

Truth Ferret.

Don't make laugh. Believe what you want to. You are refusing me with a former reporter from VicAd who did move to Dallas. I am within a 35-50 mile radius from Victoria.

CG-23 Sailor said...

Well at least now the Advocate has taken away even the PRETENSE of impartiality and fairness as to their reasoning behind why they delete certain comments and not others.
They have owned up to their high-handed bias.

From the Advocate's rules on posting;
2. No whining. Moderating comments on our site is not censorship. Moderation is allowed on our site, and to quote the guidelines from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, "it can and will be subjective."

The portion that I placed in bold is the key portion. Saying their decision to delete a comment "can and will be subjective" mean's that they will delete whatever the hell they feel like deleting for whatever the hell reason they want to. Completely at the whim and personal bias of whoever has the power to delete.

Freedom of speech?
Only if it is the Advocate's speech, or if they happen to agree with it.
Your opinions are not allowed!

Anonymous said...

BigJ should be easy enough to locate. Just have Pilot snag his IP log from the time J was posting, then use one of the locator services... it'll tell you, if not to the house, at least to the street.

amybradley said...

Wow, you sure you are talking about a public figure of some sort or one of my real loser, bum ex boyfriends. They aren't the same guy. But, this does sound very familiar to me?!? Great stuff, and it's so true sometimes you just can't teach an old dog new tricks.