Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yes Victoria Lolita, There is a Santa,,,,hehe

Well, the Vicad has outdone themselves with one of their brain trusts coming up with the question of the day:
At what age should patents have the talk with their children about Santa........

Well, with the trend of earlier maturity, it is a fact that computers are even in kindergarden classrooms these days. I'd guess that many kids have already Googled Santa for an e-mail address, so they could ask for a new netbook, or a monster new gaming machine,and learned the news that way.
Otherwise, I would say that parents in Victoria should, now that the one of the young Advocate cubicle reporters has let the cat in the hat out of the bag, and alluded to the fact that there are "issues" with Santa, that some other parents had better be ready to come clean with their children who read the news in the paper or online on The Advocate. Seriously, I have looked at their bio photos, and even met some of these "reporters" in person. A couple aren't even tall enough to ride the rides at Disney World, and they look like they may need booster seats in their car. Then there is another one (I won't name names, but a month of the year comes to mind), who basically writes like a chilld. I mean, the very fact that the "question of the day" was about the non-subject, speaks volumes about the kiddie staff there. In all likelihood, the survey was originated by one of the reporters who was just told the truth themselves this year (sit down son, now that you have a job at the newspaper, and your own car, there is something I think your mom and I should tell you) and felt that it was such a blockbuster scoop of a story that it just had to be exposed. Lordy, I hope whoever decided on putting this in the paper, has already lost all their baby teeth, or they are in for another rude shock(but yet another story) soon as well..............
On the other hand, I can think of at least one or two among the news staff, who probably put their wisdom teeth under their pillow.

I must admit that I had to read this question twice, then try to guess which person's age they were surmising about, the parents or the kids. My first answer was going to be "age 27, because there are a lot of 27 year old parents around there these days that have children that are getting close to time to be measured for their quinceanera dresses".

To all my friends, Have a cool yule!


Edith Ann said...

Once upon a time, when my boys were students at Dudley Elementary, there was a school counselor who decided that the children should know the truth, and she did this this without our knowledge or consent. I was livid! My only regret is that I didn't continue to wail until either the cops came or she was relieved of her duties.

At my parents house, there are still gifts labeled "From Santa", as there are at my house for my grown kids. It is truly a sad, sad situation when the spirit of generosity, caring and kindness ceases to exist because of someone's age.

This is but one more example of the glaring lack of a moral compass by the leader of the local newspaper. If you lie, you will steal, and Cobler has allowed the Victoria Advocate to steal the Christmas innocence from our children and grandchildren.

Shame on the Victoria Advocate.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Man, Pilot, you are in rare form today! You've got me so amused, it's hard to be mad.

Yeah, Edith Ann, we still do the "from Santa" tag thing at our house as well.

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch...
(Not you, Pilot!)

Truth Ferret said...

At our house, Santa didn't bring his gifts until the night before and the presents weren't wrapped, because, "Santa doesn't wrap, only makes and delivers." Saved us as Santa's helpers.

My mom told me that when I stopped believing the gifts would stop. In her household, Santa wrapped, and left under the tree whenever they were ready. Until her last Christmas, Santa still remembered to visit and bring gifts. Got to love all the believers.

Pilot, I saw a suggestion for another poll over on the advocate....fruitcakes and their many uses. Let's see if they go for it. Fruitcakes are part of the Hispanic culture, so I am sure that that poll won't appear.

Truth Ferret said...

correction: Fruitcakes aren't part of the Hispanic culture. Although, quite honestly I have known some real fruitcakes from ALL cultures.

Anonymous said...

Our family tradition was when you quit believing in Santa, the stockings would be stuffed with socks and underwear. Still works in this family. Everybody still believes.