Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Think I'm Going to Hurl

The Victoria Advocate received two top honors and two others in the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association annual contest.

The Advocate was the only newspaper of its size to win two first places in the contest, earning recognition for best use of multimedia and best local story.

The judges praised the newspaper's multimedia work on its "Fatal Funnel" series, describing it as "an unending, unfolding, emotion-charged international story."

I think that Cobler should have sandpaper glued to his palm. That might at least make him slow down and consider the pain and chafing before he publishes this crap........
It does NOT sell papers.


Edith Ann said...

Don't be so critical!

They got the 'unending' part right, didn't they? We thought that crap would NEVER end!

Unfolding--yep, you had to unfold the paper to get to the end of the story.

The emotion-charged part was pretty accurate, too. Remember how upset folks got with each new installment?

International? Well, it did involve travelers from other foreign countries.

(scooch over, and don't hog the barf bucket)

UnrulyGurl said...

Edith, you took the words right out of my mouth with "They got the 'unending' part right"

CG-23 Sailor said...

Chris Cobler cannot help his self-congradulatory backslapping.

Wait.. that turn of phrase is what got my original account banned from the VicAd.

I'm working on my 6th name so far and NONE of them have done anything to warrant removal.