Friday, October 23, 2009

Huh? Are We Saving Space Now - Or Pending Further Research

I swear, this is the whole story as viewed online this morning. Call me jaded, but I am accustomed to just a wee bit more of a work-up on a story like this.


Edith Ann said...

Pilot, pilot, pilot,

You haven't been follow along closely enough!

In the online Advocate, if you will notice, there is a 'category' printed in very fine print under the headline of the article. The article that appeared a few days ago was, "Sting on cartel arrests 300+". The tag underneath it said, 'local news'. The article you screen capped was to correct another missed mistake.

Notice they just threw it out there, and didn't put the headline of 'Correction'. This clever deception will come in handy later when they claim a small number of 'corrections', should someone qustion that.

But, in a word, this article--stupid.

Pilot said...

Had me goin' there. Actually, there was a headline story on the sweep in this morning's Chronicle I picked up after dropping the kids at school.

After reading that, and having missed the scoop in the Advocate, I just assumed that it was either the usual fare we get, or given their Hispanic fascination(after all 17% of the scientific survey respondents were Hispanic, right? Probably in reality, 17% were bi-lingual)....anyway, I started to think maybe the brief article was rather than "news" intended for my eyes, just a subtle signal to whoever that the "all clear" had been sounded.

Edith Ann said...

You may be on to something there, but I'm going to stick with my statistics slant until I see more evidence.

You know it's not REALLY a correction unless the headline says "Corrections", so they punch each other in the arm and say "Hey! Macarena!" and declare all is good. No harm, no foul, don't you know?