Friday, May 29, 2009

Padre Signs With Another Team, His Ball's In Pope's Court Now

Father Alberto Cutie, the Catholic priest from Fla. who admitted having a romantic affair and breaking his vow of celibacy, is joining the Episcopal Church to be with the woman he loves, he said Thursday. To show this will not be completely tongue in cheek, I will allow that despite my preponderance to use wordplay, his last name is actually pronounced koo-tee-AY.

For what it's worth, his new team announced that he will go right into the rotation, and make his first start on Sunday, after his usual six days rest.
A spokesman from the diocese he is leaving, John C. Favalora, archbishop of the Catholic Church's Miami archdiocese, had a few choice words for the departing pastor, starting with the Revelation that he hasn't been granted his release yet. Apparently he signed a no trade clause, that only the GM (Pope,you guess what GM is an acronym for) can sign off on.....well, he's the one that can hold the pen anyway.

As with many such team switches, it seems that a rivalry is sure to develop. According to CNN, Favalora also had harsh words for the Episcopal church's decision to accept Cutie. "This truly is a serious setback for ecumenical relations and cooperation between us," he said.

This in a way, shouldn't come as such a shock to many folks. The practice of taking, or inventing a new gig to improve one's lot in life, isn't like a new concept, even in religion, especially in this country. If you don't think so, think of the original bunch of settlers being primarily Catholic or Church of England.....okay, not counting Salem, Mass. Now go open your Sunday paper or Yellow Pages, and thumb over to the church directory. I rest my case. Even in my hometown, Footloose, Tx, there are a number of folks who years ago, swapped dunking for dancin'. The drive was two blocks closer on Sunday, and the possibilities on Friday and Saturday night increased exponentially.

Well, all kidding aside, I wish the man the best. He is in love, and that is a natural and wonderful thing...........and by the way, she's a cutie too.......sorry, couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

Pilot, you are so perceptive. True love conquers all. Now, figure it out in your life. Is this the one, or is something more spectacular waiting for me? Third time is the charm, but don't be cruel to Joni. She doesn't deserve to read about any hint of a good time with the new gal pal. Sometimes, I think you are so dense. Just think, if you had spent the extravegent weekends here and there with Joni, wouldn't your lives have improved? I do love your teases. No one can resist the read. Now, start working on a fiction using your knowledge and love of nature. Think Pelican Briefs. Trust me. You have the talent. Yes, you have to pursue a job, but your ability to write should really be pursued. Everyone loves to get lost in a good read. Now, do it. I was wrong before about your true love. I thought it was the water, but it is writing. Go for it. Maybe gal pal can help you from the technical end, but remember the heart is the center of good writing. Go for it Michael.

Anonymous said...

I think I spelled a few words wrong, but I am a little tipsy.

Sugar Magnolia said..., what the hell???? Pilot's business is nobody's but his own.....if he chooses to put new gal pal and/or wife and/or whatever in his blogs, remember it is HIS blog. I understand the gist of your comment, anonnymouse, but why leave something like this on Pilot's blog instead of just emailing him with your thoughts? That is, unless you're not even really a friend and don't even have any other way to contact him other than through this blog.

For what it's worth, Pilot, good blog, a sharp insight into current events, as always. Keep on keeping on.

Christina said...

Wow. Sounds like a comment from a friend/relative of the ex-wife, or the ex-wife herself. If she "doesn't deserve" to read anything about the new girl, then she shouldn't be stopping by her ex-husband's blog, right? Makes sense. At least, to MOST people it does.

Mike, I actually enjoy your humor. I'm glad you decided to keep writing some place, despite the closed-minded people in Victoria. Yet another reason why I refuse to live there ever again, LOL.

Global Gal said...

Well, blogspot blogs have been blocked in China, but I managed to get through here with a proxy server,

Somehow I missed news that you were banned on the Vicad site, glad you're back and that you've got this site, too.

I can understand your feelings regarding some of the commenters over at Vicad. I sure do find myself sighing a lot after reading some of the blogs & comments. It sure is an interesting world full of interesting characters with interesting viewpoints, isn't it?